James Benn, New York Best Selling Author of the WWll Billy Boyle mysteries, writes:

D.L. Dickson has created a multi-layered story of World War Two in While 
the World Waits. From the killing forests of Katyn to the streets of 
liberated Paris, her characters bring the battles and conflicts of those 
momentous times to the page in lively and vivid prose.

Named ​​Independent Publishers of New England 2016 Finalist in historical fiction catagory

                    Now Available

         An Epic World War 11 Novel

 They, together with soldiers from the D-day landing, find their destiny bound to one purpose: to get to Paris and prevent the communists’ rise to power by finding the documents which incriminate the Russians in the massacre. Their passion, courage, and conviction unite these men and women as they fight through this unforgettable time of despair and glory. 

"What makes one person rise to fight and another to turn and run?"


A tale of war, valor, brotherhood, and love, this action adventure spans the extraordinary years of 1939-=1944 and is based on a true incident: the massacre of Polish troops and Polish intelligentsia in the Katyn Forest of Russian in 1940.

While the World Waits merges fact and fiction to weave together the lives of three families of different nationalities who learn of this hideous secret.